One Time Cleaning

There are many reasons why you may need a deep clean. We offer one-time and regularly scheduled cleaning services to make your home sparkle again, no matter the reason!

Our company is an industry leader and one of the most trusted residential cleaning companies in Miami Gardens. But you don’t have to take our word—ask your family, friends, neighbors or co-workers! We are committed to fantastic service so much that 95% of our customers would recommend us over other local cleaners. You deserve a healthy home for all those times when it’s just not possible for mom (or dad) to get everything clean on their own while juggling work and life at home with kids running around everywhere.

We guarantee your home will be at is cleanest!

We’re the one-time cleaning service that can’t be beaten. We choose only high quality products for our environmentally friendly practices, and we proudly remain as an approved housekeeping company by a trusted brand in cleanliness – all while giving you a fresh new twist on traditional services.

Our cleaning team will have your home looking and smelling great in no time. And you don’t need to worry about a thing, because they’re the experts who can provide an all-inclusive service plan for any situation—from weekly visits or monthly cleanings, to one-time deep cleans when things get too messy.

When it comes to cleaning, we make sure everything is spotless clean– even with just one visit!

Unlike other house deep cleaning services that don’t know your floorboards from the rest of your furniture, we pride ourselves on taking out all dirt and dust in a single visit.

Unlike other lazy cleaners who only use outdated tools like feather duster to move around whatever they find under their feet, it is our job at our company to take care of every surface with microfiber cloths so you can be sure none will remain dirty or dusty by the time we leave!

Our teams take care of dust, hair, bacteria and other pollutants in your home like never before. We use patented commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filtration to get rid of up to 99% airborne allergens like pollen and pet dirt- all the while maintaining an impeccable attention to detail that leaves you feeling extra clean!

We are professionally trained to keep your house clean!

Our one-time cleaning service will deliver a polished space for any occasion. Every area of your home or business is guaranteed to be spotless when you need it most, without the commitment and expense that comes with regular cleaners. We can also provide recurring healthy cleanings as needed—all while using eco-friendly products!

Whether you choose our popular one-time cleaning service or invest in frequent visits from us, we make sure everyone gets exactly what they want out of their investment: A thoroughly tidy environment at an affordable price point all year round.